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Organic Deodorant That Works!

Handcrafted in small batches in the Florida Keys

Coconut oil and jojoba oil…

They are both wonderfully nourishing for the skin, so I use both of them in my entire line of deodorants. So you can keep odor away, while also treating your armpits with care.

Aluminum-free baking soda, organic corn starch and probiotics combine to fight odor. They are so effective they work on even the hottest and most humid of days here in the islands!  It’s Organic Deodorant That Works.

My deodorant is made from completely natural and organic ingredients. So you can use it as often as needed without worrying about toxins!

Did you know Crystal Deodorants DO contain aluminum? See our FAQ for more details.

All deodorants are hand poured by me. They are also labeled and packaged by hand.

Island Deodorant - natural and organic deodorant that works with probiotics

We offer:

Organic Island Deodorant Stick with Probiotics

Organic Island Deodorant Cream with Probiotics

Island Deodorant (Vegan version)

Premium Organic Deodorant with Probiotics

If you are switching from conventional antiperspirant/deodorant, please know that your armpits are likely to detox when you quit using it.  This detox process is different for everyone, but understand that you might experience extreme stinky-ness (among other things) once your armpits are allowed to sweat again.   It won’t last forever, a week or two for some, longer for others.  A quick search on the internet will find you all you care to know on this topic.

See our FAQ for more info.

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